Today’s/Tomorrow’s Top 40: 2023 Grammy Edition…Lizzo, Harry Styles, Beyonce, Brandi Carlile, Wet Leg, Bad Bunny, Willie Nelson and Encanto!

The 2023 Grammy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles. If you watched any of the show I hope that you did so armed with the vast knowledge you have accrued from a year of good reading on this very blog about many of the stars who were making news in the world of music this past year. If not then today’s post will bring you up to speed. So let’s take a quick run through some of the top award winners from last night’s show. You can read all about them in the links below.

Record of the Year: “About Damn Time” by Lizzo.

Winning the Grammy for Record of the Year caps off a memorable year for Lizzo. Not only did she have some of the biggest hits if the year but she also launched an online dance craze, as well as courting controversy in some quarters by playing an historically important glass flute at The Library of Congress. Lizzo is the real deal and then some. To read all about her accomplishments, click here.

Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album: Harry’s House by Harry Styles.

Harry Styles had a tremendously successful year last year. I wrote about him several times because of his hits “As It Was” and “Night Talking”. You can read all about Mr. Styles here and here.

Best Dance/Electronic Recording, Best Traditional R&B Performance, Best R&B Song: Renaissance by Beyonce.

Beyonce had herself quite a night at the Grammy Awards and quite a year again overall. You can read all about her award-winning album, Renaissance here. You can also read about her past successes in the Top 500 Songs in Modern Music History here and here.

Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, Best Americana Album: Broken Horses by Brandi Carlile.

Brandi Carlile was one of the most deserving winners last night. She has been an under-the-radar superstar in the world of music for quite some time now. Last night’s Grammy wins should elevate her firmly into the public spotlight. Carlile does a lot of good work beyond the walls of her studio. You can read all about this accomplished singer here.

Best Alternative Music Performance, Best Alternative Music Album: “Chaise Longue” by Wet Leg.

Wet Leg are a new duo who burst on to the music scene in a big way in 2022. Read all about who they are and why they were successful here.

Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Album: A Beautiful Time by Willie Nelson.

What a night for a young man who has been winning awards longer than I have been alive! I never wrote about Willie Nelson for Today’s/Tomorrow’s Top 40 last year but I did write about him twice for The Top 500 Songs in Modern Music History. So, if you wish to go back down Memory Lane and read those posts, click here and here and enjoy!

Best Musica Urbana Album: Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny.

He opened last night’s show with as energetic an opening as there has been in quite some time. If you watched that and found yourself wondering who the heck Bad Bunny was then wonder no more. Bad Bunny was the most streamed artists in the entire world for the third year in a row last year. He is the face of music in this digital, international age. You can read more about him here.

Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media: Encanto by Various Artists.

When I first started writing for the Today’s/Tomorrow’s Top 40 series almost a full year ago, the Encanto soundtrack was featured in Edition #1. Encanto is a fabulous movie that celebrates Colombian music in the most delightful and colourful manner. If you have never watched the movie then grab yourself some popcorn and settle in. It is fully deserving of all of the accolades that have come its way, including last night’s Grammy win for Best Soundtrack. You can read all about it here.

For a full list of all of the “Winners” and Nominees from the 2023 Grammy Awards, you can visit the official website of the Grammys by clicking here. Congratulations to everyone on this list. Thank you all for a year of terrific music in 2022.

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Today’s Top 40: October 5, 2022.

The songs featured below were all found on the Top 40 charts of the following music-oriented organizations: BBC Radio 1, CHUM-FM and Indie88-FM (from Toronto), Spotify, Billboard Magazine and KEXP-FM (from Seattle). All songs featured were found in the Top 5 of their respective charts for this past week. ***Because there are some repeat songs in this list that have appeared in previous posts, I am going to go into slightly greater depth for the songs that are new to this series this week. However, I will link to the past articles so you can enjoy those stories again or read them anew if you missed them the first time around. Here we go!

Late Night Talking by Harry Styles (CHUM-FM).

Harry Styles.

***This song was profiled in a previous post that you can read here.

Bad Habit by Steve Lacey (Billboard Magazine).

Steve Lacey.

***This song was profiled in a previous post that you can read here.

Unholy by Sam Smith and Kim Petras (BBC Radio 1 and Spotify)

Kim Petras and Sam Smith.

The song “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras is a song that first gained momentum via the social media app TikTok. Both Smith and Petras have a strong social media presence and are followed by millions of viewers because of their music but equally for their position as role models for the LGBTQ2s+ community. Petras is from German and is a transsexual singer whose transformation from male to female was made completely in the public eye. Petras allowed each stage of her transition to be made public so that people could see that feeling trapped in the “wrong” body isn’t something that happens in isolation. Petras hoped to inspire others who were feeling lost in their bodies to summon the courage to be their true selves. Sam Smith is a singer from the UK who has won multiple Grammy awards for songs such as “Stay With Me”. He is very much known as a crooner. However, on social media, he has long been a very high profile Gay entertainment figure. In recent times, Smith has gone further and declared himself to actually be non-binary. So, the fact that one of Europe’s leading transsexual entertainers has teamed up to sing with one of the UK’s leading non-binary entertainers is news, in and of itself.

The song “Unholy” is a dark, pulsating song about living secret lives and the impact on those who are aware of such secrets and those who aren’t. The song is specifically about a man who has been frequenting a strip joint made famous by the show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. In the song, the man who attends these strip shows does so in secret. However, his daughter happens to see him there and thus, possesses a secret that she doesn’t wish to know because of the implications it has on the stability of her family life as she presently knows it. The daughter acts as the narrator of the song. While the song describes the dramatic scene that it does, Petras and Smith are also singing about their own lives and the cost associated with being forced to live their true lives in secret. As we know, they have bucked that trend themselves so this song is meant for the many others who live lives of emotional anguish, unable to be who they see themselves as being. For me “Unholy” falls into that category where sometimes a song is more than just a song. For Smith and Petras, “Unholy” is akin to leaving a light on at the porch. For those struggling in silence, “Unholy” means seeing that porch light and knowing that they have found their way home.

***The link to the lyrics version of this song can be found here.

Belize by Danger Mouse, Black Thoughts ft. MF DOOM (KEXP-FM).

Black Thought and Danger Mouse.

When it comes to Hip Hop, the pickings are either a feast or famine proposition for me. I am not a fan at all of the profanity-laced, overtly sexualized music that passes for much of what is considered Rap music these days. When it comes to Hip Hop, I tend to be more likely to go old school and listen to the sample-rich, jazz-influenced Hip Hop of performers such as DJ Shadow and his magnificent “Midnight in a Perfect World” *(which you can read about here). “Belize” by Danger Mouse, Black Thoughts and MF DOOM mines similar terrain. It is a beautiful sounding song that I could listen to for the background music samples alone. This is the type of song that I like to listen to in the dark, where each snippet of music can shine like the star that it is in this firmament. Good Hip Hop for me is also music in which the linguistic dexterity of the performers is allowed to be showcased in such a way that their skill as rappers is not overshadowed by the shock-content and vulgarity of the lyrics. MF DOOM puts on a masterclass of controlled rapping all throughout “Belize”. I know that for some of you, Hip Hop is not your cup of tea. Much of what I hear today doesn’t do much for me, either but “Belize” is different. It stands out from noise because it is a throwback song that honours the roots of Hip Hop and of Black musical culture. When I listen to music such as this, I hear poetry. I hear history.

***I am not sure if a lyrics version exists for this song but, if it does, you can find it here.

News Update: Lizzo Plays a Crystal Flute.

Lizzo playing James Madison’s crystal flute at The Library of Congress.

I am a big fan of Lizzo. She is someone with a razor-sharp mind. Lizzo knows her history and often uses her platform as a singer to make historical connections for her audiences. *(You can read about how she does this in a previous post that you can find here). Anyway, you may have heard about something Lizzo did recently in a live concert that has garnered a lot of attention from those on both sides of the political spectrum. A while ago, Lizzo was permitted to examine historically significant musical artifacts that were being stored in the Library of Congress. Being a lover of history and being someone who is passionate about cultural connections and the significance of stories on shaping identities, Lizzo was intrigued by a crystal flute that had once belonged to former US President James Madison. Lizzo was aware that Madison was connected to the odious practice of slavery. She also knew that, as a woman of colour, not only touching his flute but actually breathing into it and bringing it to life, musically speaking, would make a statement on so many levels. So, Lizzo was given permission to play Madison’s flute live, in concert. And so she did. Being the multi-instrumentalist that she is, Lizzo was able to make lovely sounds come out of the historic crystal flute. The symbolism of what she was doing was not lost on those who champion human rights. From those people, Lizzo was lauded as being a hero to the cause of civil rights in America. To those on the political right, touching a former president’s delicate crystal flute amounted to sacrilege.

While Lizzo stood on that stage, making beautiful music come out of an ancient instrument, she was connecting the dots for those who believe that the past matters and that there are stories that need to be told from the past so that we may all have a better tomorrow. She did this without raising her fists or her voice. She simply stood on a stage and played and smiled. There is power in simplicity. LIzzo wields her power well.

***The link to a video of Lizzo playing the crystal flute can be found here.

News Update #2: The L.A. version of the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert.

Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters checks in on 16 year old Shane Hawkins, son of former drummer, Taylor Hawkins, during a blistering rendition of “My Hero” in Los Angeles.

Three weeks after putting on a concert for the ages at Wembley Stadium in London, England, Dave Grohl managed to put together another stellar musical celebration of life for his dear and departed friend, Taylor Hawkins. This time, the concert was held in Los Angeles. The lineup included everyone from Alanis Morissette with “You Oughta Know”, to Heart with “Barracuda”, to Rush with “YYZ”, Wolfgang Van Halen ripping through his father’s hits, “Panama” and “Hot For Teacher”, Def Leppard blasting through “Photograph” and “Rock of Ages” with Miley Cyris by their side and, of course, plenty of Foo Fighters music all the way through. The highlight on this night was the same as it was at Wembley Stadium…when Taylor Hawkins’ son, Shane took his place behind the drum kit and pounded out “My Hero” along with the rest of the Foo Fighters, who repeated their caring and tenderhearted handling of Shane by constantly coming back to play alongside him as the song went on. I am not sure what Dave Grohl is going to do to top these two concerts but, whatever it is, I have faith it will be epic!

***You can watch the video of Shane Hawkins ripping it up on “My Hero” here.

Stonecatcher by Marcus Mumford ft. Phoebe Bridgers (Indie88-FM).

Phoebe Bridgers and Marcus Mumford.

Our final song of the day goes to Marcus Mumford. You may know him as the lead singer of the folk-rock juggernaut, Mumford and Sons. “Stonecatcher” comes from his debut solo album entitled, Self-Titled. The fact that he collaborated with my current favourite female singer Phoebe Bridgers made this a must-listen to song for me.

I have always liked Mumford and Sons from their very first album called Sigh No More. I have always found their music to be rousing, anthemic and very literate. My introduction to their work came when I discovered a video of the band performing a live version of their song, “The Cave” at the 2010 Reading Music Festival. *(You can watch that performance here). That performance was one of the most joyous videos I have ever witnessed. At that moment in their career, Mumford and Sons were just breaking as a major band. So, when they launch into the opening notes of “The Cave” and the audience instantly sings along, you can see the genuine expressions of joy on their faces. I dare anyone watching this to not leave the song smiling at the end. It is truly wonderful! Since then, Mumford and Sons have had a slew of hits such as “Little Lion Man”, “I Will Wait” and “Believe”. They have won Grammy Awards and many Brit Awards, too. One of the things I have always liked about Mumford and Sons is how literate they are. Their songs draw from Shakespeare, James Joyce as well as P.K. Chesterton. But before any of you come away with the impression that Mumford and Sons are a bookish, boring band because of the sources for many of their songs, let me tell you another thing about them. They very much believe in bringing music to everyone, not just those who can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for a seat at a stadium. In the true spirit of being troubadours, Mumford and Sons make it a point to include smaller, more out of the way locations whenever they are touring. An example is that they played a two day festival in Simcoe, Ontario a few years ago. The world is filled with Simcoe-esque festivals and Mumford and Sons attempt to play at as many of them as they can.

The song, “Stonecatcher” comes from a story in the Bible. If you know your Bible stories at all, you will know that Jesus was portrayed as being a man who preached peace and compassion and love for all people. He was viewed by the authorities as being a troublemaker so the story goes that one day they decided to set him up and expose him as a fraud in front of his followers. The authorities did this by bringing a woman accused of adultery into the town square. The punishment for adultery was stoning to death. Jesus was brought to the square and was asked to denounce this woman and her crime of adultery and then to cast the first stone at her. The authorities were banking on Jesus refusing to cast the stone, at which time they would declare him as being in favour of such immoral behaviour as adultery. However, when Jesus was handed the stone, he simply turned and faced the crowd that had gathered and challenged anyone without sin to cast that first stone. When no one stepped forward, the implications were clear. No one was without sin. Since no one, including Jesus, would cast a stone, the authorities were forced to release the woman. From that point onward, people who stand up for the oppressed and stop or limit pain and discomfort have become known as stonecatchers.

When Marcus Mumford decided to put together a solo album, it wasn’t because he was thinking of leaving Mumford and Sons. It was because he had things that he wanted to say that seemed too personal to issue under the banner of the band. One of the things he wanted to address was the fact that he had suffered sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child. Mumford claims that there was no one there to help him when the pain was his to bear. So, he decided to create an album to discuss the impact that abuse has had on him and those in his life. The song, “Stonecatcher” specifically addresses a promise that he is making to the world. Mumford promises that he will be a better person to others in need than others were to him as a child. He sings of wishing to be a stonecatcher for other abuse victims. That he is able to do this all the while harmonizing with the incomparable Phoebe Bridgers is an added bonus.

So, I will close by urging us all to be stonecatchers for those in our lives. Letting no one suffer on my watch is a promise and a pledge I make willingly and completely. If you feel so willing then, I urge you to do likewise in your world. This is how we make things better.

***The link to the lyrics version of this song can be found here.

Today’s Top 40: The Stories Behind Today’s Biggest Hits…Chart Position #3.

The songs listed in this post were found using the Top 40 charts of the following music organizations: CHUM-FM, CFNY-FM, KEXP-FM, Billboard Magazine, Spotify and BBC Radio 1. All songs listed below occupied position #3 on their respective music lists from this past week. So, let’s take a quick look at today’s five songs and then, a bit of a longer look at the song in today’s spotlight: “About Damn Time” by Lizzo.

I have to start out by stating that the songs featured in this post are my favourite collection of songs and artists in any Top 40 post since the series began. All the songs have great stories to go with them. All singers and bands have great stories, too. In addition to all of that, several of the songs/singers have also created work in a way that speaks to the modern way music is released and to how artists and audiences interact in these modern times. So, without further delay, here are today’s Top 40 selections….bangers, all!

When You’re Gone by Shawn Mendes (CHUM-FM)

Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes when they were a couple.

There weren’t a lot of uplifting stories that happened during the pandemic, but one of the nicest was the romantic relationship between singers Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello. The first inkling that there may have been something going on between them was when Mendes appeared on Cabello’s single, “Senorita”. The pair exuded sexual chemistry. He is a handsome young man and she is a beautiful young woman. It was obvious to most who watched them on stage together that they were becoming more than mere duet partners. So, when the news broke that Cabello and Mendes were “quarantining” together during the early stages of Covid, fans were very happy. The pair appeared together, virtually, singing on a variety of benefit concerts from home that were all the rage during the pandemic. They seemed very relaxed with each other and gave the impression of being two people who had found their soulmate and were completely comfortable building a life together. The world certainly thought beautiful babies were on the horizon. Then, as the Covid restrictions began to lift and live music concerts began to happen, the individual schedules of Mendes and Cabello ramped up and the two suddenly found themselves apart. The stress of having personal careers that were exploding caused them to be apart for much of the past year. After much consideration on both of their parts, Cabello and Mendes announced that they were taking a formal break from their relationship and that they would stay as friends going forward. There was no infidelity. There was no disappointing behaviour evident by either party. It seemed to simply be a case of each partner recognizing that the dreams and aspirations of the other deserved to be explored fully while the timing was right, so they agreed to separate. As newly minted solo artists, each has released a song that touches on their relationship. Cabello went first with “Bam Bam”. Mendes follows up this week with “When You’re Gone”. What is refreshing about both songs is that they wax nostalgic for what was and what has been lost. Both artists sing kindly about the other. It is obvious that their time together meant something to both and that they continue to regard each other with fondness. In this day and age of people becoming “famous” due to obnoxious behaviour, it is refreshing to see two stars playing nicely and maturely. Well done to both singers. I wish them well and hope that the future brings with it all the happiness and satisfaction they desire.

Gloria by The Lumineers (CFNY-FM).

The amazingly talented, Lumineers!

I absolutely love The Lumineers! Like many, my first exposure to this band came via their debut smash hit, “Ho Hey!”. That song went to #1 on the charts and became such a huge hit that it threatened to dwarf all of their other musical offerings. In the time since “Ho Hey!” debuted in 2012, I have listened to many of their songs and have watched them live numerous times. I marvel at the intelligence of the songs they sing and how tight they are as a band. The Lumineers are known as Folk-rockers in the same mode as acts like Mumford and Sons. the Avett Brothers and so on. To listen to them sing is to witness a band that appears to be having the time of their lives every single time they play. I adore them. So, it was a source of frustration to me when the only song I ever heard played on the radio by them was “Ho Hey!” The Lumineers are no one-hit-wonders by any stretch. So, it was with great delight that I learned that they had released a new album and saw the song “Gloria” racing up the Alternative music charts.

“Gloria” is a song about addiction. More specifically, it is a song about how deep the roots of addiction burrow, how difficult it is to successfully treat it and how impactful addiction can be on a family. Speaking about the inspiration for the song, lead singer Wesley Schultz talks openly about it being about a member of his own family. Schultz states that until he and others tried to help his loved one, he had no idea that addiction was more than a lack of willpower and a propensity for poor choices. SInce the release of “Gloria”, Schultz said that he is overwhelmed by the response from audiences and is humbled by how many people have reached out with words of sympathy and/or advice, as well as their own tales of attempting to deal with a loved one with an addiction. The video that accompanies the song comes with a trigger warning. It is a bleak and unsparing look at alcoholism. There is nothing redeeming in this video. It is raw and filled with heartbreak. If alcoholism or any form of addiction has taken root in your life, then it may be best to skip this video. As it stands, viewer discretion is certainly advised. Having said that, “Gloria” is a tremendously powerful song! Kudos to The Lumineers for daring to broach such a serious topic. Kudos, as well, for doing so with such sensitivity and honesty and musical finesse. I predict that come year’s end, “Gloria” will win awards for Song of the Year and will easily populate critic’s Top Ten polls. It is just that good.

Go by Cat Burns (BBC Radio 1)

From Tik Tok fame to the top of the charts. This is Cat Burns.

Cat Burns is a young, up-and-coming singer out of the UK. She has a soulful, jazzy singing style and reminds me a little bit of singers such as Sade or Erykah Badu. Cat Burns is in her early twenties and arrived in the musical spotlight because of her own sense of determination and creativity. Initially, Burns was rejected by record labels because her jazz-oriented style didn’t seem likely to produce the hits that the industry demands. Undaunted, Burns took the initiative of circumventing the usual process one takes when having your music heard by the masses and decided to use existing social media platforms to do the work for her. So, Cat Burns began releasing snippets of her songs on Tik Tok. By using a social media platform that only allows short pieces to be aired, Burns was able to play enough of each song so as to allow viewers to enjoy it and get a sense for how talented and beautiful and intelligent she was, but at the same time, she always left them clamouring for more. In this way, Cat Burns became a social media Tik Tok star way before she ever appeared on more traditional venues such as BBC, etc…. As you read these words, the music industry is only just now starting to appreciate the marketing potential of such streaming platforms as Tik Tok. I am starting to read of more and more artists who have a new record ready to release but are being forced to put out Tik Tok videos that have to go “viral” before the record label will support them with publicity, tour money, etc. I have no doubt that record labels will soon ruin Tik Tok for viewers there, who in no time will find some other underground manner in which to connect with the up-and-coming stars of the future. For now, know that singers such as Cat Burns are legitimately talented and are deserving of your attention. Her song “Go” is a break-up song told from the female perspective. Burns is seen as being a voice for female empowerment much the same way as Alanis Morissette was in the 1990s and Taylor Swift was throughout the last two decades. There are clean and profane versions of this song. I will play the clean one for you in the link above.

Spitting Off the Edge of the World by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (KEXP-FM)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

If you want to know me better then listen to this song. I love how this song sounds! This is my type of music! As much as I love songs that tell a good story, I really like songs that have good sound quality. By that I mean songs where the notes are crisp and clear, where there is an atmospheric quality to the mood being created and so on. “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” is a song that sounds great with headphones on, as well as cranked loudly on good speakers. There is a lot of buzz about this song and several reasons for this buzz.

First of all, the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs was one of the most influential and popular Post-Punk bands to emerge in the early 2000s. They were contemporaries of a music scene in NYC that included The Strokes, Interpol, The White Stripes and many others. Several of their earlier hits are viewed as being among the best songs of all time. In fact, two songs…”Cheating Hearts” and “Maps”… made the cut as being in the Top 500 Songs in Modern Music History that I wrote about in my previous music series. *You can read about those songs in posts here and here. After being together for over fifteen years, Yeah Yeah Yeahs went on hiatus nine years ago so that they could focus on family life, solo projects and the like. Often, when a band goes on “hiatus”, they usually don’t come back, or if they do, it is as a nostalgia act that only plays former hit songs. So, it was with much excitement that Yeah Yeah Yeahs announced that they were reuniting AND that they were coming back with a whole album of original material. The first song from this new album is “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” which features Tik Tok star, Perfume Genius in a scenery chewing supporting role.

In order to understand and appreciate why this song and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs reunion is creating so much energy and hype, it is instructive to read the post I wrote previously for their song, “Cheating Hearts”. Yeah Yeah Yeahs have always been an inclusive band and have forged strong connections with their fanbase. The “Cheating Hearts” video demonstrates a bit of that loving vibe by showing fans from all over the world reenacting their music video in full costume, all dance moves down pat and so on. It fills my heart to watch this video. Well, one of the reasons that Yeah Yeah Yeahs wanted to come back was to support the thousands of young people around the world who are trying to make change happen during this critical time in the life of our planet. Lead singer, Karen O., says she was very moved by all of the climate activists such as Greta Thunberg, all of the young survivors of school shootings in the US who are marching for gun control laws, all of the Black Lives Matter activists, and closest to their hearts, all of those young people who are fighting to be their true selves regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, etc…. So, the idea for “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” is that the band wanted to create an anthem for any or all of these young rebels and to acknowledge their efforts and reaffirm that the band believes these young people are our last, best hope for a brighter future.

In the video for this song, Yeah Yeah Yeahs show their connection with the youth of the world by collaborating with another Tik Tok star who goes by the moniker Perfume Genius. At the end of the video, Karen O. throws herself into the arms of her adoring audience, trusting that they will catch her and protect her and treat her well…and they do. As well, I can guarantee you that you have never seen a limo quite like the one used in this video, either. All in all, “Spitting Off the Edge of the World” is a very welcome and impressive return to the stage for Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


About Damn Time by Lizzo (Billboard Magazine and Spotify)

Today’s featured artist is Lizzo. Lizzo burst on to the music scene in 2015 but really hit her stride in 2019 with the monster hit “Good as Hell”. For anyone who does not know who Lizzo is, she is Black, she is female and she is plus-sized. For many people, any of those three attributes is enough to bring on a barrage of criticism and put-downs. It isn’t always easy to make it in a world that is motivated so much by superficial criteria such as body size, race or gender. Lizzo has battled all three issues her whole life but has made her greatest life statement by the nature of how she has embraced the whole of who she is. Lizzo has produced songs that celebrate her femininity, her colour and/or her body type. Because of that, she is adored by fans all over the world. The video for “Good as Hell” has been viewed over 111 million times! Not only is Lizzo known for her philosophy of self-love and empowerment, she has also been very respectful of those Black female singers who have come before her and blazed the path that she now follows. I wrote about this in a previous post about Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who was the person most responsible for the start of Rock n’ Roll as we know it. *You can read that post here. Lizzo appeared as musical guest on Saturday Night Live and had her backup musicians don outfits and use instruments just like Sister Rosetta did in her day. Such respect for history is admirable.

“About Damn Time” is another song in which Lizzo gets to preach about the power of positivity and self-love. She dances up a storm all throughout the video for this song, and in doing so, causes us to change our preconceived notions as to what agile dancers should look like. Not only does Lizzo dance to the music, but she has encouraged others to get up out of their seats and dance, too. When the video for “About Damn Time” was released, it came with an accompanying Tik Tok dance challenge in which viewers were asked to record themselves dancing to the song as Lizzo did. The challenge emphasized that dancers of all shapes, genders, age ranges, ethnicities and sexual orientations would be welcome to take part. As a result, the Lizzo “About Damn Time” Tik Tok Challenge has been a social media phenomenon. Thousands and thousands of ordinary folks have moved their bodies to the beat because Lizzo has made it ok to do so. You can view a variety of video compilations of people dancing to this song here, here and here, too!

Lizzo puts on a brave face when she sings about overcoming the social stigmas that she faces on the daily. But, her efforts are making a difference in the lives of ordinary people and for that she is to be commended. “About Damn TIme” is a catchy tune with an important message. After hearing it and watching the video, maybe you would like to take up the Tik Tok Dance Challenge? If so, feel free to post your video in the comment box below. My blogging site is a safe place to be your true self. Until then, take care. Thanks for reading all about Today’s Top 40. What a great week for music in our world!