Mother Love

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There he was. His body now a bat-like wing, propped up by silken pillows on his favourite velvet settee in his parlour. The sunlight filtering in through draped windows

“Did you bring it,” he implored?!

I nodded and pulled out a notebook from inside of my coat. Loose pages fell into my hands.

“Good”, he said hoarsely. “Poetry on nakpin slips.”

A nurse appeared beside him with water. He drank eagerly from the straw.

“Feed me your words and I will sing them back in reply.”

“Are you sure,” I replied, looking down at my notes?

“Of course! One line at a time. Three times each. Use the best take as you see fit”.

He coughed. He cleared his throat. I fed him the first line from “Mother Love”.

His eyes kindled. He forced his body straighter. He summoned what was left of his life force. And he began to sing.

For a moment…..that moment….my preening, prancing peacock, who had commanded the grandest stages in the world, returned.

For a moment.

After a verse or two, he relaxed. His body folded back into his pillows. His eyes became ghosts. Quiet filled the void.

The greatest showman the world had ever known… friend….was gone.

The last song that Freddy Mercury lent his voice to was called Mother Love. When you listen to the song, you will note that bandmate Brian May sings the final verse or two; completing the song for his friend, arguably, the greatest showman in the modern music era.

I thank my friend, Geraldine Van Ginkel, for sending me this word prompt. It was an excellent choice.

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